Helping the African Community Flourish In Minnesota

Posted by afrikonnections on July 9, 2008 is “a collective voice and a consortium of efforts by many American brothers and sisters in Islam with conviction and dedication to spread the peace and beauty of Islam to our non-Muslim family members, friends, co-workers, and neighbors. With this site, we are also reaching out to new Muslims and young Muslims.

Our mission is to Build Bridges – to promote Peace and Dialogue through Proactive Interactions at individual and organizational levels — and to provide Answers to questions about Islam and American Muslims.

Why While cable and dish are swamped with religious channels, Muslims in the United States have unequal opportunity for access. Not for economical, content quality, or viewership concerns, rather because of politics of fear and media monopoly. This shortage in Islamic content and educational TV programming must be addressed in order to build bridges not only with non-Muslims, but also with new Muslims, and help in the education of young Muslims. hopes to facilitate a pathway by offering free online access to a network of Live TV Stations and Video Channels, utilizing public access to broadband connection, and acceptable online display quality in full screen mode.”

See what they have to offer:

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